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Cingjing travel agency founded in 2010. It is a subsidiary of Nantou Bus Company, and the main business is issuing specialty travel packages in Nantou area. Service line: +886-49-2983589

where to buyNoticeSun Moon Lake e-package Tickets

Sun Moon Lake PASS (Water, Land, and Air Tour)

Sun Moon Lake PASS NT390

Sun Moon Lake PASS NT720

Sun Moon Lake PASS NT1060

Sun Moon Lake Bike PASS NT620

Sun Moon Lake - Checheng PASS NT290

Sun Moon Lake - Alishan 5 Day PASS NT450

Xitou PASS Cingjing Farm PASS

Xitou PASS NT400

Sun Moon Lake - Xitou PASS NT630

Cingjing Farm PASS NT250

Cingjing Farm PASS NT600

Where to buy
Kind Nantou Bus
Taichung Gancheng Station HSR Taichung Station Puli transfer Station Sun Moon Lake Station
Sun Moon Lake PASS NT$390
Sun Moon Lake PASS NT$720    
Sun Moon Lake Bike PASS NT$620    
Sun Moon Lake PASS NT$1060    
Checheng PASS NT$290  
Sun Moon Lake - Alishan PASS NT$450    
Xitou PASS NT$400    
Sun Moon Lake - Xitou PASS NT$630    
Cingjing tour PASS NT$230  
Cingjing tour PASS NT$600    

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